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Coleman Herefords offer bulls for sale private treaty, year round.  Females are also available in the fall.


In 2007, Coleman Herefords had the opportunity to become partners with several Hereford breeders from across the country to form the Jamison Hereford LLC.  We now consign bulls which are available through the Jamison Hereford Production Sale in Quinter, Kansas.


31 head of our top Line One genetic bulls will be consigned at Jamison Herefords Sale in Quinter, Kansas

Friday, February 25.

Yearling bulls (lots 87-91) and our two year old bulls (lots 92-117).

All bulls PAP tested on the ranch at over 8,000' elevation!

Click here to view the 2022 sale catalog; view the videos of our offering below!

Yearling Bulls:

2yo Bulls:



Don't miss an opportunity at some truly outstanding females!  We are proud of these groups and are confident these ladies could make a knock-your-socks-off starter herd - or awesome additions!


We feel this is by far the best set of cows we have ever offered! This group will be available this fall (after weaning) however, we would consider selling them now with calves at side. All but 2 of these cows will be bred to CL1 Domino 4150B. Group ages are as follows: 12 - 2 year olds, 8 - 3yo, 4 - 4yo, 1 - 5yo, 2 - 6yo, 2 - 7yo and 2 - 9yo. All cows currently have calves at side. These cows include some awesome daughters of HH Advance 3297A ET, CL 1 Domino 1161Y, CL 1 Domino 215Z, HH Advance 5233C ET, CL 1 Domino 955W, HH Advance 0118X, CL 1 Domino 065X 1ET, HH Advance 9075W ET, GB L1 Domino 8139M, CL 1 Domino 374A and GB L1 Domino 175E.



Heifers were AI’d 5/27 to either CL 1 Domino 4150B or FS Advance 7065E and are currently running with either FS Advance 7065E or CO L1 Domino 809.




We are pleased to be offering these females as groups (in their entirety – cows/bred heifers/calves), for now. Individual sales may be offered at a later date.


Another great offering of bulls will be featured at the Jamison Herefords Sale in Quinter, KS - Friday, February 22.

Be sure to check out our yearling bulls (lots 37-40) and our two year olds (lots 133-155).

All bulls PAP tested on the ranch at over 8,000' elevation!

Click here to view the 2019 sale catalog; view the videos of our sale two year olds below!


This year we will be selling 25 bred cows and 17 bred heifers in the Jamison Fall Female Sale - November 30, 2018.

All females seen below will sell!


Cows bred to either HH Advance 3297A ET, CL1 Domino 4150B or HH Advance 5233C ET.

Heifers AI’d to CL 1 Domino 215Z and then ran with either CO L1 Domino 748E or LW 3006 Advance 714E ET.