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Setting their own foundation, Ken and Suzanne have expanded their herd and improved their Hereford cattle year after year.  As the expansion continues, quality females are top priority for them.  They continually select and cull their cattle for fertility, calving ease, performance, milking ability, udder quality, fleshing ability, soundness, muscling, disposition, carcass quality and pigment.

Different areas have different challenges; some unique challenges for Coleman Herefords are finding the right type of cattle that will survive at high altitude (8,200 feet) and thrive through the long winters. PAP testing has been an aide in finding cattle that will work in high altitude. All bulls offered by Coleman Herefords are PAP tested.

The wind can really blow in the Wet Mountain Valley.  At times, gusts have been recorded over 100 miles an hour.  The dirt and debris this kind of wind can carry will make a cow’s eye sore in a hurry.  Days of high winds are often followed by heavy snow fall, which results in sun glare on top of those sore eyes.  This is a reason Coleman Herefords selects heavily for pigmentation and good eye set.

Coleman Herefords has been fortunate to have great partners in herd bull purchases.  Along with being great partners, these breeders have been excellent mentors to Coleman Herefords and have become great lifelong friends.

Check out our sale page for information on bull and female sales.

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