CO L1 DOMINO 748E "Ranger"

Ranger's Dam - CO L1 Dominette 313A

CO L1 Domino 748E “Ranger” is a top 3297A son we retained to use on heifers. He’s well marked, has a lot of eye appeal and curve-bending EPD’s. His BW ratio is 85, WW 105 and YW 110. His dam is a easy going, easy keeping, moderated framed HH Advance 1098Y daughter with a nice udder. Truth be told, had we ever decided to get into the show business, she probably never would have won any blue ribbons. That doesn’t seem to bother her much. As long as she has a calf to lick or a cud to chew she seems very content. She’s the type of cow who quietly goes through life and you hardly even notice, until you see the calf she brings in on weaning day! She is a Dam of Distinction whose progeny have a average BW ratio 90.3, WW 104.5, YW 105.3. Ranger is owned with Oleen Brothers of Dwight, Kansas.